Sunday, July 25, 2010


Radicals and the working class in the 21st century - Radicals At
"Good radicals don’t solve other workers’ problems. They give workers the tools to solve those problems on their own: how to analyze a problem, assess their own strengths and weaknesses, make a plan, and carry it out—how to be leaders." Easy to say, hard to do. But thought provoking reading.
As well as Judy Garland musicals and TV specials and dramas depicting troubled boys.
Will Jihad eventually "jump the shark"? - Stewart Baker @ The Volokh Conspiracy
"But it might suggest a different approach to the problem of turning them away from terror. Some of them will just plain outgrow their infatuation. Others will turn out to be unreliable fighters, prone to abandon the cause when they get tired or frightened by the risk. And best of all, if the tight-jean mujahedin lose their power to shock, they’re likely to go the way of the mods and the rockers. So maybe we should be looking for ways to speed that process by making all these Western jihadis look, well, silly and unfashionable."