Monday, August 2, 2010


"Where does the federal government get off spending the average person's tax dollars to help better-off-than-average Americans buy expensive new cars?" - Salon (Charles Lane)
New electric powered "green cars" have a starting price around $40,000. And the Obama administration will kick in $7,500 (as a tax credit) to help.

The dogma of globalization - iSteve (Steve Sailer)
"A few years ago, Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley asked one of Bush's Treasury Secretaries (not Henry Paulson) how America would earn its way in the world after our productive sector collapsed. The answer was that we (the U.S.) would act as 'capital allocator to the world.' Of course, this insane dialog attracted zero attention at the time or subsequently. The only good news is that U.S. credibility as a 'capital allocator' is within rounding error of zero."