Monday, August 23, 2010


Michigan "Tea Party" mud-fight still going strong

It appears the so-called "Michigan Tea Party" isn't going to be on the fall ballot after all. That may change between now and the election if the MTP organizers go to court and win. But what really illustrates the dire condition of Michigan politics is the on going mud-fight in the comments section following the article. As of this posting (6:13 PM on Mon. 08.23.2010) there are already five pages of comments wherein the posters refer to each other as "douche-bags", "scumbags", "morons" and other sobriquets for nasty stuff. A real mud-fight in other words. At least when geeks have flame wars the snark and wit are somewhat redemptive by being creative and clever. Not so here at the MLive website. They must not moderate this stuff at all.