Monday, September 13, 2010


Coyotes have come back to Michigan. Even downtown Ann Arbor has reported sightings. You just can't keep a good predator down, eh? Or not for long anyhow.

Michigan's next governor: Rick Snyder (R) doesn't want to debate Virg Bernero (D), period. Snyder is up in the polls with six weeks to go and probably figures "who needs it?" Bernero rightly and quite predictably goes ape shit nuts about it too. Sheesh.

FBI probe is sought by pissed and offended Muslims in East Lansing who found a trashed and burned Koran on the doorstep of their mosque. Say it might be a "hate crime".

Mexican gunmen are now regularly shooting at Border Patrol agents from the Mexican side of the border. Another warning of the coming race war? Stay tuned.