Monday, October 4, 2010

Must-Not-Watch TV: CNN's new program featuring disgraced ex-NY governor Eliot Spitzer and ex-Washington Post columnist and RINO Kathleen Parker that is. Who would possibly give a shit what either of those two think about anything?  Rabid Democrats  might like some of the ex-gov's opinions but will the rest of us who aren't really take seriously a guy who cuckolded his wife with prostitutes and  in doing so broke the law (while serving as NY Attorney General  no less) and sent NY state police detectives to dig up dirt on political opponents? I can't say for sure but it seems unlikely. So there's that.
And as for Parker? She wrote a column for National Review before moving to the Washington Post. She's a vapid RINO squish who will likely get tepid approval from Dems and enrage Reps with her David Frum style squishiness. I wonder what demographic the CNN management thought Parker would appeal to? Was Parker & Spitzer supposed to be a kinder, gentler version of CNN's iconic debate format show Crossfire? Now departed CNN chief Jon Klein (who was fired 10 days ago) was the one who cancelled Crossfire and was the prime mover behind the Parker & Spitzer team-up show and without him there to hold the line on cancellation decisions I look for this show to fail fairly fast.