Saturday, October 2, 2010


Is Bob Dylan a racist because he blows off photo op with Obama?: Bob Dylan is not part of the celebrity cult of Obama worshippers . Good for Bob. Dylan publicly endorsed BO for pres in '08 but still to Dylan, even with that having your picture taken with the pres, whoever that may happen to be, is just gauche. And so good for Bob. But celebrity "garbologist" and stalker A.J. Weberman concludes that this is caused by Bob Dylan being an anti-black racist. I call BS. Dylan has a daughter who is half black and he has been singing about race relations since the early 1960's. Weberman is full of shit about Dylan being a racist. And as for Weberman's "garbology" fame, need I point out that anthropologists have been picking through ancient middens  for many years now and the practice didn't originate with him.