Saturday, November 27, 2010


Glen Greenwald's hit-piece on a hit-piece in The Nation.
It has bothered me for a while that American progressives and their fellow travellers in Left-wing  America have completely abandoned the championing of liberty, privacy and autonomy. Unless of course it is for the sexually deviant or regarding abortion rights. On every other issue the progs want more government, less privacy, oppose self-determination and genuine little "d" participatory democracy.
 The Nation seems to think that that because I don't want TSA guards squeezing my or my family's gonads that I'm part of some vast Right-wing conspiracy funded by the Koch brothers. Mark Ames and Sasha Levine should've stayed in Russia. You'd think being censored and then booted from Russia for being critical of Putin and his ilk would have taught then a little more respect for civil liberties, the rule of law and some appreciation for personal liberty. Sadly, it seems that it didn't.
Toronto election illustrates the problems of a megalopolis concocted by elites.
"Clearly this result shows that the concerns expressed by the opponents of amalgamation were largely valid. Amalgamation failed to create cost savings, and has created a dysfunctional megacity. Rather than having six municipalities where voters are focusing on solving local problems, we have one gigantic city with the core and the suburbs fighting for their share of the public purse. This leads to the schizophrenic policy decisions we see today." 

An analysis of the "pass-over syndrome" gripping self-hating white elites
"If a large-scale Day of Racial Reckoning ever comes, Passover Syndrome sufferers will find that when it comes to hating whites, nonwhites truly don’t discriminate. Rather than the sweet scent of compassion, those with the disorder emit the rancid smell of fear. If a real race war were ever to pop off in America, they’d be the first to perish.
The only mystery is which side would kill them first."

Somali-born naturalized American citizen arrested in car bomb plot in Portland.

Serbian-born California man arrested for running an explosives factory in his suburban LA home.