Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ann Arbor's own terrorist connection (besides Bill Ayers that is)
The FBI is investigating an Iranian immigrant and ex-Ann Arborite for trying to put together a murder-for-hire plot on behalf of the Iranian intelligence service reports Ann Arbor.com. I think that America needs to end immigration and reduce visa grants to or from the Islamic nations of the world for a few decades so we can assimilate and "Americanize" those already here.
Willy Nelson will likely go to jail for latest marijuana arrest says Fox News legal expert
Ten questions science must answer - From the UK Guardian via boing boing.

The gift of satisfying work
"We have all known moments where work well done produces such a clear sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that to call this a necessary evil is to deny the goodness that we so obviously know and feel."

The search for "whitopia"
Which is to say places in America where whites are increasing as a percentage of the population. According to the research of this blogger #1 is none other than Washington, D.C. which was a surprise at least for me. #2 Idaho not so much.

Fooling facial recognition technology is harder than it seems.

Islamists know a western civilization secret: ‘Progress’ makes religion decline
"Western political, cultural, and intellectual elites today are, whatever patina of hypocrisy remains, overwhelmingly atheist. I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing. It’s simply my observation and analysis."

Russia proposes $2bn effort to reduce the amount of orbiting space junk 

Six foot seven 275 pound inmate over-powers five foot nine 140 pound female deputy sheriff in SF Bay area
Then he tasers her with  her own device and flees with her .40 caliber sidearm. Political correctness run amok or lack of personnel? Who can say?  And this sort of stuff has happened before with even worse results. Luckily he was soon recaptured.

Apple forces removal of Steve Jobs action figure - Too bad. I'd buy one.