Thursday, December 16, 2010

Annals of Democracy, cont'd.

The feds announced yesterday a massive criminal prosecution of the Kilpatrick Mob. What those crooks did by stealing from the long suffering people of Detroit is just plain evil. And to think that those same utterly broke and destitute people not only elected Kwame Kilpatrick a state rep and then mayor, but then, knowing what a fucking crook he was, re-elected him mayor. People deserve the type of governance they get say many cynics. Maybe they're right. It sure seems so in this case.

As emotionally satisfying as it is to see the feds start arresting and prosecuting the Kilpatrick Mob at long last, in the end it really only amounts to closing the barn door long after the horses are long gone. And there's not much prospect of ever getting the money back from these crooks either just to add salt to the wound. And so it goes in Detroit.