Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Christmas in America 2010: Crass materialism, debt up to your eyeballs, & devoid of any larger spiritual purpose - BHTv (video)
The natives are getting restless: Ann Arbor looking to adjust speed limits after complaints about speed traps - AAcom
Jackson county deer hunters took some massive bucks this season. 170-200 pounders were common. Must be all the corn and bean fields out there - MLive (Jackson) slide show.
Is it better to be loved or feared in politics? - DMT (Jack Lessenberry)
Former Michigan governor Engler was a right-wing brute, says Lessenberry, but a good governor; Soon-to-be ex-Governor Granholm was well-spoken and well-liked, but an utter failure in both her terms.
Neanderthals may have gone extinct because they started eating each other - PNAS (abstract) via io9
Wikileak's Assange mad that UK papers published his leaked confidential police files - NYP
Oh the irony!
Lessons learned from the Gawker media hack - ThreatPost (Jeremiah Grossman)
"First and foremost, DO NOT poke the bear. By taunting the hacker community, especially the vigilante types, Gawker made itself a target unnecessarily. Never claim to be 'unhackable.' ”