Monday, March 21, 2011


Now that both Michigan and Michigan State are out of the NCAA basketball tournament I'm not nearly as interested who wins it now. Odd coincidence that they both lost by three points or less too.

Some of the usual suspects at U of M are making a stink about having Michigan Governor Rick Snyder give the commencement address this spring.Whatever. They don't have to attend or they can get up and leave when Snyder starts his speech. Who cares what the grads think anyhow? They got their degrees and they'll soon be leaving Ann Arbor if they haven't left already.

Last year's Nobel Peace Prize winner enters America into yet a third war  just a year later. That  has to be some kind of record. Hope n' Change motherfuckers!

The University of Michigan's Graduate Employees’ Organization (UMGEO) AKA " the grad student slave labor gang "has arrived at a "contract" (and I use that term "contract" very tentatively here), with the University's administration that will now create lactation break areas for the GEOs that need 'em, no more assigned work after 1 AM, give GEOs seats on several important UM committees, and will create a website to help GEOs find better jobs. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about such an outcome.