Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sign of the times: Demographics is destiny

This blog post from the U.K. Guardian speculates that the increasing imbalance in male to female birthrates is going to cause problems in the Turd World soon. The use of modern medical technology that allows parents to know the sex of their fetus and if it turns out to be a female to abort it and try again for a boy has been going on for decades. The natural ratio of male to female is 100 females to 105 males. That's nature. But when some of these countries like China and India to name just the two biggest countries where this practice is done start to get really big imbalances between the sexes and so not every man can have a wife social instability may well ensue. I'm not sure what the consequences of  having all those millions of wifeless men are gonna be. But it doesn't sound promising.