Thursday, June 9, 2011

weblog - June 09, 2011

The food crisis of 2011 (Addison Wiggin, Forbes)
All it's gonna take (says Wiggin) is one big crop failure somewhere and they'll be food riots or worse.  People aren't gonna sit still and watch their children starve. As the saying goes "no society is more than three meals away from revolution."

Mid-Michigan farmers playing catch-up after massive rains in May (Lisa Allmendinger,
As one farmer put it: Things were better for farmers when, "they didn’t depend on just corn or soybeans to pay the bills. Instead, they planted other crops and had sheep, pigs, chickens and horses." But you have to nowadays. They don't call 'em "cash crops" for nothing, eh?

A grunt's view of the Afghan war: "Afghanistan is a waste of our time." (Chuck Spinney, Battleland blog)
Let's GTF out of there before we lose any more killed and wounded. Who has the most credibility here? The Washington think-tankers or the grunts on the front lines? Do you have to ask?