Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weblog - June 11, 2011

Mosquito population swells in Washtenaw County after rainy spring and heat wave (Julianna Keeping,
Rain and heat are causing me to have to mow the grass twice a week now or the backyard starts to look like the Brazilian rainforest. 

“I have finally come to feel that this country, whether or not I continue to live in it, is no longer any place for me.” (Bill Kauffman, The American Conservative)
Quoting Edmund Wilson here, but I know that feeling too, brother.

Why are EULAs so hard to read? (Rafe Needleman, Cnet)
A tech lawyer explains.

A look at the sports doping scene from inside the locker room (Stuart Stevens, Outside)
A 47 year old amateur bike racer sniffs around LA's gym rat milieu to see what sort of "performance enhancers" people are using and why.

Mexican drug cartels build Death Race style homemade narco tanks (Slashdot)
Insanely crazy shit going on down there.

Dems plot to make Wisconsin "ungovernable" says blogger (David Blaska, Blaska's Blog)
Politics is war by other means up in Cheesehead Land.