Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weblog - June 12, 2011

Tips for not appearing crazy on the Internet (Frank J. Fleming, Pajamas Media)
"I think even crazy people are aware of Godwin’s Law by now; they are just too crazy to care. Fight it. One easy way to identify yourself as crazy is to have no sense of scale. To a crazy person, every little bit of nonsense is a crisis of epic proportions that has to be handled right now (e.g., “If it isn’t recognized that Obama doesn’t meet my obscure definition of ‘naturalized citizen,’ then the Constitution will burst into flames and society will collapse!”)!"

Weiner's social media scumbaggery the result of steroid abuse or Viagra? (Steve Sailor,
Seems possible.

PayPal maybe a payment option at retail stores soon (Reani LeMay,
More options are usually better.

Anything you text (or email, IM, tweet, post on the Internet or leave as a voice-mail) can and will be used against you (Slashdot)
One lady who was ejected from a Texas movie theater (after two warnings) for texting left the manager a nasty profanity laden voice mail. Which the theater now uses as a PSA against rudeness. Heh.