Thursday, June 23, 2011


The cop, the beggar, the firemen, and the vet all meet on the side of the road in Detroit (Neal Rubin, Det News)
"The officer's name is on the citation. His initials are P.J. and his badge number is in the low 800s, and the department can find him if it cares to. The Office of Public Information didn't return a call, but what could a spokesman say? It's OK to shout amplified profanities at a harmless, armless citizen in a public place?"

Ex-Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez ripped to shreds by NYC sports writer (Phil Mushnick, NY Post)
"Big-time coaches who fall, regardless of why, are 'taken care of' by TV. They're hired as analysts, hired for their 'expertise,' though their expertise on exactly what it takes to succeed is left unspoken."

Detroit Neighborhood: U.S. Rep. John Conyers' home is an eyesore (Charlie LeDuff, WJBK-TV) video
Conyers has lived in D.C. since 1967. This dump is just a pro forma thing. Just sayin'.