Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ann Arbor Transportation Authority board is chock full of great new ideas! (Ann Arbor Chronicle)
Unfortunately they're all worthless, expensive, and unpopular non-starters. But if you're a gay/Lesbian, Pacific Islander who is Spanish-speaking, handicapped and a business owner AATA may  have some (federally mandated) business opportunities for you. And so it goes in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor.

Ann endorses all incumbent council members in the August Democratic primary (
Utterly pointless. Whoever wins this election is on the council whatever happens in November. In effect this is the election such as it is. I don't know which is more laughable; That this is democracy or that anyone really cares what Ann's editorial board endorsements are. Half the council is gonna get picked by a few hundred (if that) local Democratic Party primary voters. This is what passes for representative democracy in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor these days. One party, no opposition, no newspaper, no election choices. The Democratic Party should hire Stalinist hack local attorney and Democratic Party activist Tom Wieder who helped talk us into this idiotic situation back in the day ( Remember the Voting in November is Easy! AKA the "VINE" ballot initiative?) to just set up a Soviet-style Politburo and have them pick the council members directly and save us tax donors the cost of these strictly pro forma elections.

Where you get arrested for DUI determines whether you go to jail in metro-Detroit (Detroit Free Press)
In Detroit: small fines, suspension and probation. In the suburbs: big fines, big court costs, long suspensions, community service and jail.

If you want to get rich, become a farmer?  (Time)
That's what some big shot investment types like Jimmy Rogers are saying. And they may have a point. Everything on the end your fork came from one, eh? And the world has a lot of mouths to feed. Worth a read.