Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are "20 and out" military pensions on the way out?

The powers that be at the Pentagon are looking at making some changes to military retirement. I have always thought that it was unfair that a clerk typist at some Navy base in California or Hawaii who  polishes a chair with their ass for two decades gets the same retirement payout as an Army or Marine grunt who sweats and bleeds on the front line for tour after tour. I would hope that those serving in the combat arms (infantry, artillery, armor, Marines, combat aviation & etc.) would get more consideration as well as money and benefits than a Air Force or Coast Guard food service supervisor stationed in Florida. But we'll see.

It may well be due time to stop those kinda pensions for cops and firefighters too. Paying someone to "retire" at age 42 at 80 percent of their salary & benefits (and inflation adjusted too) is just a formula for bankruptcy at the city, county and township level as well. But soldiers (unlike cops and firemen) don't have unions so it may be a good place to start.