Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foreign entanglements revistited: Get out of NATO already

"The American Founders feared permanent alliances", says this op-ed post in the Washington Times,  "because they figured that such alliances could entangle the nation in politico-military disputes that geography allowed it to avoid profitably. Instead of taking a victory lap when Col. Gadhafi falls, American policymakers should consider the fruits of NATO’s decades-long policy of infantilizing its allies. Now that America is broke, Europe is safe and the Soviet Union is gone, American policymakers ought to acknowledge that NATO in the 21st century constitutes a costly commitment with little benefit for Americans." [links in original]

Yep. Time has come to cut the chord on NATO. Let the Europeans defend themselves. They have the people, money and know-how to be able to do it. So let 'em.