Friday, August 19, 2011

One reason I like the Ann Arbor police lay-offs

Way less tickets being written. Heh. Cops (IMHO) don't really help that much with crime; Or much of anything else either for that matter. But when it comes to writing tickets for all kinds of crimes "civil infractions"* and the revenue this generates they are just fantastic. AAPD raised an eye-popping $5.7 million in revenue per year on average over the last decade from the motorized sheep says AAPD Chief Barnett Jones in an Ann Arbor Observer news story here. Unpopular as it may be to say it I feel better off without the laid-off cops.

* A civil infraction is violation of the law less serious than a misdemeanor, and which usually does not attach certain individual rights such as a jury trial. So you are stuck having your case heard in Ann Arbor's kangaroo-style traffic court before the assorted political hack judges who only want to find you guilty and levy a fine and fees.