Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reform: Michigan's Attorney-General needs to be "reformed" right out of a job

Ex-State senator, ex-appeals court judge, ex-US representative, and ex-candidate for everything and current Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, is attempting to undermine the Michigan Medical Marihuana  Act passed by voters in 2008.

AG Schuette and his cats-paws want to "reform" the reform passed in 2008. This voter-passed law was intended to provide a legal path so people who needed or wanted to use cannabis could do so without having to fear a SWAT team crashing through their doors. AG Bill Schuette dislikes this law and wants to redo it so that the police and other LEO types (like him for example) can regulate who can have, distribute, and use cannabis. Well, screw him. Hey Bill! The people voted on this and you should respect that. But he doesn't.

Here's a reform we could use while we're at it. Let's abolish the office of AG as an independent executive office of Michigan state government and have it be a cabinet appointment of the governor's office. The grandstanding typical of state AG's  is mostly reckless and unproductive stuff designed to keep their name in the headlines with a view toward higher office. (Remember how AG's Kelly, Granholm, and Cox all used the AG office as a stepping-stone for higher office ambitions?) Let's reform AG Bill Schuette right out of a job and let him go back to being a right-wing gadfly rather than a free lance  political hack with the weight and authority of the state of Michigan behind him suing and arresting people based on his personal agenda.