Thursday, August 4, 2011


Not yet, but it's gettin' there *
Ex- UM, NY Jets footballer Braylon Edwards, cousins involved in bar fight in Birmingham (Ann
Edwards wasn't arrested though.

Bill Bonds & Rich Fischer to team up to do news talk radio show on WCAR-AM (Detroit News)
Might be good. Bonds always has lots of opinions and observations. I hope it doesn't bog down into old fart type ramblings though. We'll see.

GM claims it made a $2.5 billion profit last quarter (Detroit Free Press)
Good news if it is fact true. "Government motors" need more vetting for news like that to be entirely credible in my humble opinion.

MSU football legend Bubba Smith dead at 66 (Lansing State Journal)
Natural causes.

Italian gunmaker Chiappa adding RFID chips to it's products starting next year (Gun Nut)
Cui bono?

The Driver License: Is It Necessary? (
"The basic (and only legitimate) purpose of the driver license is to certify that the owner of that license has proven that he/she is capable of operating a motor vehicle on public roads in a safe and responsible manner. The license should not be withheld for any reason other than the fact that the applicant could not pass a fair and objective driving test."

DL's have actually become an American internal passport  rather than just the certificate of competence to operate a motor vehicle it started out as. Cui bono?

Can You Split Atoms of Uranium at Home in Your Kitchen? (Popular Science)
Yes, but it's not legal in Sweden. Or pretty much anywhere else either for that matter. And where did this guy get useable amounts of uranium and americium anyway? Those are two elements are highly controlled substances.

Live as a political hack die as a political hack: A cautionary tale. (Blaska's Blog)
In re the Wisconsin Supreme Court scuffle incident.

"[Dane county, WI prosecuting attorney] Ismael Ozanne does not want to bring charges," says Blaska, "and for good reason. He knows he has no case but fears that deciding not to charge will enrage the howling mob in Madison. He fears that his liberal privileges will be revoked and that he will be the target of sing-alongs and vuvuzelas. He will be linked to the Koch Brothers and ALEC. Oh, and he can forget about election to the post to which he has been appointed." [emphasis added]

Hoist on his own petard. Heh.

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