Monday, August 8, 2011


Hear ye! Hear ye!
Obama administration wants to cut funding for lamprey control programs for Great Lakes (Detroit Free Press)
The feds caused this problem in the first damn place. Now they wanna cut back on fixing it?

Hutaree Militia case from 2010 will not go to trial until 2012 at the earliest (Ann
No trial = no justice. Those defendants have been rotting in prison for going on two years now. If the evidence the government has is so overwhelming why not go to trial right away? I understand there is usually some pretrial jostling around by both the state and the defense lawyers but two fucking years?

Only 17% say U.S. government has consent of the governed (Rasmussen)
 No surprise to me.

Keep both eyes open when you shoot (The High Road)
Takes some practice if you're not used to doing so but it works better IMHO.