Monday, August 15, 2011

What do people buy for urban self-defense & survival in a civilized country like the UK?

Obvious not firearms of any sort. Guns are illegal. So what then does the law-abiding Brit acquire to defend himself and his homestead? Popular Mechanics came up with a list of stuff from retail sales data from UK purchases following the recent UK rioting of last week. So what did the Brits buy?

Weaponry: Aluminum baseball bats, Kubotan key chains, and Tonfa police batons (since withdrawn from sale). Fire suppression and escape: Large size fire extinguishers and window mounted escape ladders. Deterrent: CCTV camera systems for outside viewing. Security: Key lock fire resistent home safes. Miscellancous: garden shears, cell phone chargers,

I understand all of the choices except for the garden shears. Maybe as a weapon? No idea.