Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ann Arbor city council figures out a way to bolix up traffic worse than it is now.

The council passed a law that makes it a violation to not yield to pedestrians at crosswalks — even if the pedestrian hasn't entered the crosswalk yet. And make the motorists duly nabbed by the AAPD $100 poorer courtesy of our nannies at City Hall. The cited drivers also get two points added to their driving records which will raise their auto insurance premiums as well. Forgive me if I seem utterly unsympathetic here but damn it all we voted for these people on council who implemented this absurdity.

On the brighter side since the police layoffs of last summer there are now fewer cops out there to ticket us. So there's that. I'm also not sure by what authority the council is able to add points to state-issued drivers licenses. And that's what will hurt you. It is the points that will  hurt the average "offender" more than the C-note fine. But I'm no lawyer so what do I know? Well as it happens one thing I do know is how things work in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor  (from sad & bitter experience) is that 15th District Court's traffic division is a joke where no one is ever acquitted, excused, or exonerated for any ticket ever and so you are gonna end up paying the fine plus any court costs that are tacked on for good measure folks.

So welcome to the People's Republic of Ann Arbor mofos! Now get your wallet out. Heh.