Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Detroit hating ex-ESPN talking head Jay Mariotti discovers the true meaning of karma

Jay Mariotti is a total asshole of a sports pundit who wrote for the Detroit News then left and bounced around until he happened to end up on ESPN. And then he went nuts. Mariotti is an odd fish who's schtick combines the overtly expressed hatred of a Michael Savage with the wholly unjustified egomania of an Alec Baldwin and who also happens to just love to hate Detroit.

I started noticing Mariotti's nutty  screeds around the time when the Detroit News first hired  the jerk and that he kept a serious grudge against the whole city for years after he left us. Mariotti did not limit his animosity to just sports either. Mariotti hated on Detroit and all things Michigan from his departure from the Detroit News unrelentingly for decades.

Now a multiple felon the loud mouthed asshole is going learn all about karma and schadenfreude in both theory and practice. Sucks to be Jay right now. Couldn't say he doesn't deserve what he's getting though.