Sunday, September 11, 2011

Does manufactured outrage count as trolling when you blog?

I love Ann Althouse's blog which I read every day and occasionally post comments there as well.  One thing she does  that drives me crazy though is the way she picks through the New York Times columnists and op-eds and finds something to snark or otherwise put down, condemn or get outraged about. Hey Ann! It's the New York Times for cryin' out loud! What the hell did you expect from them? But what you're actually going to get from them though is smug and obnoxious elite's mean and condescending putdowns of the fly-over country hillbillies on the other side of the Hudson River. But you would have to know that already wouldn't you?

IMHO this really amounts to trolling. And if that's your schtick then fine, run with it. But Ann don't forget you chose to enter their house. And it's bad form to  go into a titty bar if you're outraged by drinking, naked tits, and creepy horn dogs behaving badly and then complain about it. Not if you want to be taken seriously anyhow. Just saying.