Monday, October 10, 2011

A modest proposal to the whole survival gun/s issue

Gary North the writer and economist who posts a lot at has posed a solution for home defense/survival should American society come unglued. North has put the whole thing simply and elegantly in the form of a four line poem that goes like this:

A .45 for the bedroom,
A shotgun over the door,
A 30.06 for distance,
You don't need any more.

Mr. North obviously thinks he'll never have to use his guns for anything but fending off prowlers, looters, and other riff-raff. He overlooks that a person also may need to shoot a rabid animal, or a rabbit for the frying pan cheaply and easily. A .22 rifle would do nicely for that task. But other than that small quibble he largely has it right.

Paul Bonneau who writes for the Strike The website among others says very specifically that you need a 9mm pistol, an AR-15/M-4 style rifle, and a semi-automatic .22 rifle. You can read his reasons here.