Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Case dismissed: A Detroit urban legend finally bites the dust

The rumored but never proven Kwame Kilpatrick-era Manoogian Mansion party featuring strippers & fist fights and supposedly leading to the murder of one of the strippers and which was then covered up by Kilpatrick and which led to an expensive lawsuit against the city of Detroit by the stripper's family is now finally over.

"U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen's decision to throw out a lawsuit", says Brian Dickerson @ the Detroit Free Press, "brought by the children of slain stripper Tamara (Strawberry) Greene will surely disappoint partisans of political intrigue and courtroom melodrama. But it's more than amply supported by the evidence -- or, more precisely, the dearth of relevant evidence -- [plaintiff's lawyer Norman] Yatooma and his clients were able to surface in their epic fishing expedition."

I think the thing that kept this whole pathetic circus act going for all these years is the fact that the Kwamster was such a sleazy character that the idea of of it all seemed entirely possible. These allegations actually needed to be debunked step-by-step and in detail because otherwise this thing would have gone on forever. Actually it will go on forever just like with other events like the 911 Truther movement, Air Force UFO cover-ups, or the JFK assassination amongst the conspiracy theorists and underground historians. They'll no doubt talk about the Manoogian party-murder-cover-up conspiracy by Kilpatrick forever but at least it'll be on their time and their dime and not the taxpayers. Time to move on.