Sunday, November 13, 2011

Detroit becoming an "artist's haven, hipster's hotspot" says LA Times

Downtown Detroit could perhaps evolve into something interesting but only if they do something about all those icky, nasty neighborhoods (and the people that live in them) that surround it.

"Yet Detroit is evolving," says the LA Time's Andrew Bender, "not unlike late 1990s downtown Los Angeles. Cheap rents and an urban pioneering spirit are attracting young artists, and new restaurants, nightspots and even urban farms are serving this growing community and its hipster fans. It's still the early days, but change is palpable, even to the casual visitor."

Yeah well we've seen this sort of thing before Mr. Bender. The last time Detroit had a cultural renaissance back in the 1960's all the artistes and their parasites moved off to Los Angeles and New York  just as fast as their checks cleared. I'm not trying to be a buzz-kill here but there needs to be a sobering reminder of how things go in real life injected into this fog of optimism.