Thursday, November 24, 2011

Did Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone really kill JFK?

Oswald's POS rifle
JFK's assassination occurred some 48 years ago on this date (November 22 + 2 as this is written) and still the question is asked. I think so and here's why.

After all this time no credible evidence whether physical or circumstantial has emerged to show that the JFK murder played out any other way than as how the Warren Commission said that it did. That Lee Harvey Oswald, who was at best a mediocre marksman during his Marine Corps service, managed to hit a moving target with a shitty-ass Italian mil surplus bolt-action rifle three times seems unlikely on the face of it but somehow, some way he managed it.

So with all the conjecture, conspiracy theories, and alternate scenarios examined and then rejected what we have left is what likely really happened: Oswald, acting alone, shot and killed JFK and wounded Texas Governor John Connally with three quick and well-placed shots using a cheap mil surplus rifle and crappy scope and changed history. And that is that.