Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oakland CA property owner who faced down rioters with his shotgun being touted for political office

What Phil Tagami did was astonishingly brave under the circumstances. Since the Oakland PD couldnot control the mob that was burning and trashing nearby buildings he fended off rioters with a drawn shotgun. Good for him.

I just hope that the opportunistic political types don't try and do the the "Joe-the-Plumber routine" on the man. In the end Phil Tagami was a guy who bravely defended his property and who deserves praise for doing so but in the end please remember he's just a guy. Let Phil Tagami have his 15 minutes of fame and then let him fade into obscurity and become a legend and a footnote in history.

See, if you followed the odd and twisted path of ol' "Joe the Plumber"  Wurzelbacher, like I have you'd have seen that he's become a professional right-wing media darling and who now fancies himself a professional political pundit and politico. Me, I liked Joe better when he wrenched on pipes and snaked out drains and who spoke truth to power when he had the chance to. These days Wurzelbacher seems like just another sad figure who's burned through his fame, his credibility is shot, and he's just another hack.