Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Story of H

"My friend H. is probably gonna kill a cop some night. Deliberately, violently, and with no remorse in his heart whatever. But it could be a hapless security guard or night watchman that he kills though too. Or perhaps maybe a pizza delivery-man that knocks on H.'s door by accident some night also. Hell, it could even be me that he kills. Now me getting hurt would presumably be an accident on H.'s part. I am his friend and comrade of longstanding after all. However I wouldn't be any less dead or wounded for all that though would I ?" [Read the rest here.]

Some times the unexploded bombs that lay dormant after a war are flesh and blood rather than metal devices, but they are still capable of death and injury. Some we find in time and get them help. Some just can't take it any more and go mad, kill themselves, become shut-ins, alcoholics or addicts or just go catatonic. And some finally explode. And when they do it ain't pretty.