Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ann Arbor rated "6th gayest city" in America


"The Advocate magazine has ranked the gayest cities in America according to its own admittedly unscientific and somewhat quirky criteria, such as the number of nude yoga classes and International Mr. Leather Competition semifinalists in the city. (To be fair, we’ll note that the criteria also include things like the number of LBGT elected officials and number of transgender legal protections.)"[Ann]

The People's Republic of Ann Arbor is quite tolerant of sexual and life-style choices but it isn't "gay" in the sexually freaky sense as The Advocate crowd seem to think. The number of "nude yoga studios" a city has is more an issue of its own sleaziness than sexual/life-style tolerance. AA doesn't even allow XXX bookstores or "Asian massage parlors". Too sleazy, tacky, and low class.