Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beware the police-industrial complex too

Echoing the words of former President Eisenhower I wonder why the NYC based Police Foundation is so generous in funding new technology solutions as detailed here in this City Journal article. The piece references a mobile scanner set up so that the cops can run people through it like cattle in feedlot (or passengers at an airport) to scan them for guns and knives and other weapons so they won't have to do so much hands-on stop & frisk patrol activity but which tend to annoy the citizens. Being the cynical sort that I am I have to wonder if the directors of the Police Foundation have a financial interest in these technologies and hope to get some positive buzz for them via the NYPD and other first adopter PD's and who will then lobby Washington to make DoJ, DHS, etc. grants available to other PDs to buy it as well?