Friday, January 13, 2012

Some "libertarians" that hate state interference try to use cops to bust someone else's chops

Go figure? An outfit called that says it's libertarian in orientation was blocking the path of an SUV containing some Newt Gingrich campaign staff at a Hudson, NH school were Gingrich had an engagement to speak. Words were spoken and then the "libertarians" immediately began hounding the cops on site to arrest the SUV's driver (who would not identify himself). The Free Keenians said the guy assaulted one of them but their video doesn't show that as far as I could see. I think they were just trying to provoke the Gringrich staff people into something newsworthy.

Now I don't like Gingrich but what I dislike even more are supposed libertarians who act like petulant children not to mention blatant hypocrites who want to act out their version of civil disobedience theatre but who then want to sic cops on people that won't play their game. In a limited night watchman form of government or even stateless society like they advocate for who is gonna come to their aid every time somebody disses them? Sheesh.

Bottom Line: Don't start nothing and there won't be nothing eh, guys? But then they wouldn't have any dramatic videos to post would they?