Monday, January 9, 2012

Michigan AG Schuette sure is an obstructionist jackhole ain't he?

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to prohibit UM grad students from unionizing. Why does he even care about that? The reasons the AG gives are kinda obscure at least to me. Schuette has also begun an all-out war against government employees having same sex employment benefits and the "medical" marihuana law. For one  in that same sex couples cannot legally marry under Michigan law denying them a benefit that is available to heterosexuals seems unfair. As to the medical marihuana law that was passed by plebiscite  in 2008, (as a work-around for people who wanna get  high without risking being arrested), AG Schuette has taken it as his mission to overrule the legislature's and the people's decisions on these two issues. It's hard to see why other than just blind arrogance the AG has tried to thwart their decisions. Go figure?