Thursday, February 2, 2012

In re C.J. Sykes' book "Nation Of Moochers"

A video interview by the Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) with a very self-righteous social conservative name Charles J. Sykes who has written a book called Nation of Moochers.

I have some problems with Sykes' approach. The crony-capitalist, rent-seeking corporations and special interests rig the system in their favor and then complain when the marginalized, downsized, and thoroughly beat down working classes are forced into expensive governmental dependency is a classic blame the victim dodge on their part. The problem I have with conservatives and libertarians such as Sykes and his ilk is that they will happily defend all but the worst excesses of this system which benefit them so handsomely but then go on to complain of the costs both social and financial. Go figure?

I call bullshit on all that. What has really gone on here for a few decades is that the ownership class and their lackeys in the government have turned millions of Americans into unemployed or low wage chavs and are now complaining that there are too many chavs! And to add insult to injury they bitterly piss, moan, and bitch that the chavery should go get a job or three and pay more in taxes. Again, go figure?