Wednesday, February 15, 2012


local pot-shots
Send in the clowns. The editorial board of the MLive (Jackson edition) webzine has called for the ATF to put a detachment in Jackson to help with busting all the felons caught with firearms around there. Be careful what you ask for folks, just in case you get it.

An interesting but altogether too short piece on an Ann Arbor-area homeless encampment with some photos here. Even in the midst of the People's Republic of Ann Arbor's bourgeois whitetopian bliss grinding poverty and its related maladies exist. As does the hateful attitude toward these casualties of the ongoing class war.

Meanwhile back among the People's Republic's lotus eaters comes this semi-amusing vignette which illustrates all too well what passes for a major problem in their lives. Quit a contrast with the above mentioned, eh? If the author of this screed had to live in a tent in mid-Winter Michigan he'd appreciate that he has phone service of any quality at all. Or maybe he just gets paid by the word?

Corruption, malfeasance, stubbornness and idiocy in re the Ambassador Bridge/Maroun family versus MDOT lawsuit continues ad nauseum. The old Alinsky-style tactic of "accusing the accusers" has now been employed by the Maroun legal team. Muddying up the waters isn't going to work though I predict.

When wearing second-hand clothes is a fashion statement rather than a necessity. UM of students prowl the clothes racks at thrift shops toward that end. Funny as toothache.