Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pot shots

My alma mater has decided that now is good time to start up a Jewish Studies program and so undergrads can now get  a Jewish Studies a minor with their bachelor's degree. Two issues: Why, with money being so tight, is the university even doing this? There are many better ways those funds could be used other than to study Jewishness. Second, this opens the door still yet further for every ethnic group, religion, race, or sexual preference and etcetera to demand their own "studies" program too.

A tech columnist at C/Net decries some guy shooting himself in his ample gut to test the effectiveness of his body armor (AKA  a "bullet-proof vest") and posting it on YouTube. I guess the thought that this moron is getting the attention that he seems to crave from people like the columnist and that it might encourage him or others like him to do it again or with bigger, better weapons didn't occur to Mr. High Tech Columnist.

If you put your Doomsday Survival Library on a tablet, laptop, or cellphone you don't have lug all those books around with you while trying to survive the apocalypse. But ah, electronics are also prone to failure, breakage, and need to be recharged at frequent intervals, so there's that. A conundrum to be sure.

Digital age pioneer Scott McNealy's admonition notwithstanding, I think it's a good idea to clear your Google web history ASAP because (as Google has duly warned us) "all your information and data is belong to us"(Google = "us") to do with what they will once their new [sic] "privacy policy" comes into effect this March. Time to just embrace the suck and opt out. Some privacy is better than none.

A fair warning: Two lines from a country music song by Josh Thompson:

"Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun/
You might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome, son."

I'm thinking of having that stanza printed on a floor mat for my front porch. A gentlemen is supposed give fair warning and all.