Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday morning pot-shots

I got my eye on you!
Corporatism is not a free-market situation Sheldon Richmond reminds us. "Too many people are willing to accept government-set goals (such as energy independence)," says Richmond, "so long as the 'private sector' is induced to achieve them. Regardless of how the goals are achieved, if government sets them, that’s statism."

More collateral damage from the Iraq invasion. How Iraq's university system, considered the best in the middle east by the way, was looted, vandalized, trashed, and burned due to the fecklessness and neglect of the "occupying army". Very sad indeed.

Stupid and venal. That's about all you say about Indiana's just convicted ex-Secretary of State. Republican Charlie White was convicted of six felonies related to fraudulent voting on his part just so he could retain a $1,000/mo. city council pay check. I guess he really needed the money or something. Hope it was worth it Mr. White. He probably paid that much out just for a retainer for his defense lawyer. Love of money is root of all evil they say.

A hilarious look at life, love, sex, and hormones amongst the young adult set presented in cartoon form here.

Next big thing? Speaking here of polymer framed 1911style pistols. This was bound to happen I suppose. Should cut down on both weight and cost, but who knows?