Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ann Arbor "public art" redux

Only in Ann Arbor, MI (affectionately also referred to as the People's Republic of Ann Arbor by some), would the city council approve (by an 8-2 vote no less) putting a $150k piece of "public art" in the lobby of the Justice Center (AKA the new police station/court building). If you wanna see this newest piece of city-funded public art you'll need to press the door bell and have the desk officer buzz you inside in order to be able to take a gander though. Most people going there for court or to pay a ticket or whatever usually have other things on their mind and don't think to take a minute to look it over.
Ann Arbor's $150,000 piece of public art for the police station lobby

It seems to me that public art ought to be something beautiful or historic and located in a public place where it can be readily and frequently viewed. Instead, we get odd looking abstract stuff put in out-of-the-way spots where few of us will ever get to see it except by accident. More people will likely view the graffiti in the parking structures or restroom stall scribbles more often than will ever visit the lobby of the Justice Center. That kind of "art" is a lot cheaper too. Just sayin'.