Sunday, May 20, 2012

Being an Ann Arbor city employee is nice work if you can get it

Jebus how times have changed. I can remember when I was a kid growing up in Ann Arbor that being a cop, fireman firefighter, or most other city employment was definitely considered "blue collar work" albeit decently paid blue collar work. Now Ann Arbor cops, firefighters, bureaucrats, and etc. are like unionized royalty. More than a few are making a $100k plus a year now. No wonder Mayor King Hieftje had to trim so many of them from the payroll. We just can not afford them at this level of pay and benefits. But if you disagree with that assessment why then you're just a Tea Bagger, RethugliKKKan, conservatarian asshole who hates working people and wants them all to starve while working for minimum wage until they drop, while their houses all burn down.