Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our new enemy: The UAV (spy drones)

The under $300 UAV
Alex Jones at InfoWars has started a new sport; shooting down UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles AKA "drones") for target practice. Expensive fun too considering what drones cost but I take Jones' point. I don't want those fucking things flying over or around my house either. However a better way to take them down (besides the 12 gauge 00 buckshot Jones used in the vid)  needs to be developed. Those .33 caliber lead balls have got to come down somewhere after all and which is a real problem especially if you live in a city or suburban neighborhood. Maybe a DIY type of EMP weapon or some anti-aircraft "chaff" technology can be developed perhaps?

In any event it is probably prudent to start thinking about how to cheaply and permanently ground those things now, before the feds and local LEO types start wide scale deployment of these aerial snoopers. And look for non-government sorts like the paparazzi, bill collectors, lawyers, political operatives, pissed-off ex-spouses, unscrupulous business rivals, miscellaneous creepy weirdos, and other low-lifes to try their  hand at UAV spying as well.