Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speaking "truth to power" redux

"Seriously, where does he get off thinking how many bullets’ are in my magazines is any business of his? Vobis non me dux, Ed* — you ain't the boss of me. That's why I own guns in the first place: to make sure nobody, from the mugger on the corner to the King of England to some washed-up political has-been from the Keystone State can come force me to do things against my will without me at least having a chance to shoot back.” [Claire Wolfe @ Paladin Planet blog]

And so there it is.

(H/t to Bill St. Clair)

* Former Philadelphia mayor, ex-Pennsylvania governor, and ex-Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell being the "Ed" referred to here. Here's a YouTube clip of Rendell explaining his views to a TV reporter. Note the nuance and logical deductive skills evidenced by Rendell's remarks.