Friday, May 25, 2012

Surfin' the net...

Inventive criminal converted a toy Super Soaker™ water gun into a functional single-shot 20 gauge firearm. [The Gun Nuts]

Movement under way among some police agencies to begin arming aerial drones with non-lethal weapon systems. (Non-lethal that is, for now). [io9]

Working-class white Americans are deserting Democratic Party?  Go figure? I came to the conclusion that I wish a pox on both their houses as far as the two major parties are concerned. Both of them deserted us a long, long time ago. [Washington Post]

Remembering the price of empire this Memorial Day: Read the terse death notices the Pentagon's website posts each time a U.S. service member is KIA.  Right around 1900 and counting and that's just from Afghanistan. [TomDispatch]

California Tech executive busted for stealing thousands of dollars worth of Lego™ toys kits in order to build his own Lego-Land display in his rumpus room. Sheesh. [Wired]

Ann Arbor's unemployment rate is 5 percent it is reported. Rest of Michigan's is 9 percent. I figure it's way higher but the BLS definitions about who is and who isn't employed are pure fantasy. [Ann]

Ann Arbor's homeless tent city is the subject of a short video project by a UM instructor. I found it interesting. [Vimeo]

Upper Peninsula forest fire burns 17,000 acres so far.  [Lansing State Journal]