Sunday, June 3, 2012

Surfing the net

Two gangs of Detroit teens started a gunfight over who makes the best Kool-aid last week. Not kiddin'. That's just how gangsters roll. You can be shot any time over anything there. Seriously. [Huffington Post/Detroit News]

Surfin' the net!
Driver's licenses are not about driving a motor vehicle on public roads. That hasn't been the case for a while now. Driver's licenses nowadays are actually a De facto  national ID card. Some people understand this, but sadly most people do not. [Hooligan Libertarian]

Putting a bio-electronic "bar code" into each and every human being on Earth would make "society more organized", and therefore (presumably) "better" says some unknown sci-fi writer. Whatever. The statist bureaucrats can't even make the trains run on time let alone regulate human society. And even if they could I'd still be against it. We're not cattle. [New York Daily News] [Hat-tip to]

Popular Science has this story about the Pentagon's latest intrusion/intel gathering technology which is currently being field-tested in Afghanistan. Little golf ball-sized sensor devices that transmit data for up to two years. The snoops sure could have fun with that technology. Scatter them around and send an armed UAV drone to check any "suspicious activity". Scary.

DC Comics' super-hero Green Lantern is gay.  North Star is too, if you care. [io9]

"How Chemistry Stymies Attempts To Regulate Synthetic Drugs" []
Make a molecule illegal and amateur chemists will build an analog to it. Every time you try and make something "fool-proof" nature evolves a better fool. Just sayin'. 

If you spy on the "governance class" it is a felony. Now, if they spy on you, well then it's: "Got something to hide citizen?" [Ann]