Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ann Arbor city council is shocked to discover that providing a supportive and compassionate environment for homeless street people causes more homeless street people to come to Ann Arbor. Shocking, eh?

The Great Recession is over economists say. Whatever. There is a huge difference between the definition of recession used by economists and the reality of daily life however.

"Detroit Election Commission's rejection of marijuana [ballot] measure defies even stoner logic" - Curt Guyette @ Metro-Times

Bob Dylan is performing in Ann Arbor, East Lansing and Kalamazoo next month. How cool is that? Very, if you like his oeuvre, which I do.

"The sole purpose of Bill Maher’s HBO program Real Time is, it seems, to disappoint viewers by proving that the actors, musicians, and comedians they respect hold exceptionally dumb political views." Michael C. Moynihan @ Reason.com. True enough. But that's pretty much the case of all  celebrity comments and opinions on economics, politics,  and other serious topics IMO. And it's the principle reason I don't give a flying fook about what they think about anything as well. Some, like say Bono, Jerry Lewis and a few others, have made the effort to educate themselves about specific issues. But very, very few others do and that is why their opinions are worthless.

Cui bono? The California Beer & Beveridge Association is heavily funding efforts to defeat a ballot proposal to legalize possession & use of marijuana. That shouldn't really come as a surprise.