Wednesday, September 22, 2010


War on Terror, redux: The feds continue squeezing the Hutaree Militia defendant's family members in order to flip them into plea deals that require them to testify against their family and friends. Just as with most federal terrorism charges these days the whole package is mainly if not wholly a put-up job by paid agent provocateurs.

From Motown to Murder Town: Thank's to ABC television we have Detroit 1-8-7 a pseudo documentary-style crime drama  about the homicide unit of the DPD. Rather than being known for producing cars Detroit is now to be  famous for its murder rate. I guess the Hollywood types think we should all be grateful and flattered for this show being set in Detroit, even though most of the outdoor scenes were actually filmed in Atlanta and that there are other American cities with higher murder rates than Detroit.

Broke, black, corrupt & devastated: But Detroit's a joke, a pitiful ruin. (see above) while New Orleans which is also broke, black, corrupt and ruined but is still hip and cool enough for an HBO series like The Wire. Go figure? (Bottom line: The lame-stream media arbitrators of cool hate Detroit and love Baltimore and New Orleans, all for reasons unknown.)