Sunday, December 19, 2010


Further proof that the University of Michigan benefited greatly by having Lee Bollinger leave to be president of Columbia - NYP
Why is Chicago so corrupt? - Chicago (via NewGeography)
A fascinating read.
Corporations okayed to make artificial life forms without regulation - PopSci
Isn't this how all those zombie apocalypse movies seem to start out?
Economics based haiku - ST
Corporate welfare queens
Make out: we get something, too:
Debt with the Chinese
Intel's new processors have a remote kill switch to protect your data if your device is ever stolen- TechSpot (via Slashdot)
Of course once this chip is able to be hacked by vandals, hackers, crackers, paparazzi, mafiosi, law enforcers, intelligence agencies et al then they'll all be able to remotely kill your device too, so there's that.
The disposable academic: Why going for a Ph.D. is a a waste of time - Economist
Grad students and post-docs are smart, inexpensive and thoroughly disposable. Even better in the eyes of the colleges, they pay them for the privilege of obtaining an expensive but largely useless advanced degree. Go figure?